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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Wife called husband to park and beat him, people made video

A strange sight was witnessed in Naubasta Hansapuram of Kanpur on Friday. The wife called her husband to the park to meet her and then thrashed him fiercely. The wife also tore the husband’s clothes. Holding the husband with one hand, the wife kept on slapping him with the other hand. The husband kept trying to save himself and kept pleading to leave. But the husband’s plea was not heard due to the wife’s anger being on the seventh sky. During this time people kept watching the scene and did not make any attempt to intervene. Some people also made a video, which is now going viral. The wife alleges that the husband has done many marriages. The husband who was being beaten was posted as a constable in GRP. Dismissal is going on after many allegations.

It is said that Jyoti Sonkar, a resident of Hansapuram, was married 10 years ago to Durgesh Kumar Sonkar, a resident of Satbari Road, Bidhanu. Both also have a daughter. It is alleged that Durgesh has done three more marriages. On Thursday, the woman had called her husband to meet her at a park in Awas Vikas Hansapuram, where a dispute broke out between the two over some issue.

After this, the woman thrashed the soldier while tearing his clothes. The woman is also seen abusing in the video. People standing in the park are making a video of the whole incident. Naubasta caretaker police station in-charge said that the dispute between the two is going on for a long time. The case is going on in the court for giving alimony. Tahrir has been received from the woman’s side.