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Himachal Pradesh : This Congress MLA installed CCTV in his wife’s bedroom! After all, what did the MLA want to see?

His wife Sudarshana has made very serious allegations against Himachal Pradesh’s Congress MLA Vikramaditya Singh. Sudarshana says that CCTV cameras were installed in her bedroom. Vikramaditya was having an affair with a woman named Amrik before marriage. This continued even after marriage. Sudarshana told that Vikramaditya used to torture her even with this woman.

Sudarshana has registered a case in Udaipur court regarding domestic violence. In this apart from Vikramaditya Singh, his mother-in-law Pratibha Singh, sister-in-law Aparajita, Nandoi Angad Singh and a girl from Chandigarh have been accused. Earlier, there was talk of issuing non-bailable warrants against all of them. As per a report received, wrong information was uploaded on the website of the court. The court has not issued a non-bailable warrant. Information has been rectified on the application of criminals.

According to another report received, Sudarshana Singh says that her husband Vikramaditya Singh had an affair with a girl named Amrik before marriage. He wanted to marry her. But this marriage did not happen on the advice of a pundit. The pundit told that if he marries Amrik first, he will die. According to Sudarshana, after this Vikramaditya married her under a conspiracy. According to Sudarshana, as long as Vikramaditya’s father Virabhadra Singh was alive, he was kept well. But later he started being harassed. Sudarshana alleges that Vikramaditya and his mother Pratibha Singh used to taunt their family by calling them small. They used to torture for dowry also. They used to say that they were not given dowry according to their status. Sudarshana’s advocate Bhanvarsingh Deora says that after the death of Virbhadra Singh in July, Sudarshana was sent to Udaipur. According to lawyer Sudarshana, Vikramaditya has an affair with another woman and she does not want to be with him. Sudarshana has asked for a house to live in and money every month for maintenance. The next hearing of the matter has been fixed on January 13, 2023.