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Corona’s uproar in China, government engaged in covering up, deaths are increasing every day!

China has been plagued by the Corona virus for a long time and has not been able to curb it even after continuous efforts. After continuous criticism, China had relaxed strict restrictions in the past, but the cases of death due to corona virus are increasing once again. However, the government is trying hard to cover them up and in the death certificate, the cause of death is being told by other diseases instead of coronavirus. Scores of people stood outside a crematorium in eastern Beijing on Friday evening in the bitter cold as workers in protective gear called out the name of the deceased, while a relative approached the coffin to identify the body. One of these relatives told that his loved one was infected with COVID-19.

Death cases are increasing again in China

Weeks after the news of no death due to corona virus in China, cases of death due to infection are increasing again. These cases are increasing at a time when the government started relaxing the strict restrictions related to COVID-19 last month amid widespread protests. However, it is not yet clear that how many people are dying due to infection. A woman told that her elderly relative had fallen ill in early December and was found infected with the corona virus and died in an emergency ward on Friday morning.

The cause of death was said to be pneumonia

He said that many infected patients were admitted in the emergency ward, but there were not enough nurses to take care of them. The woman requested not to reveal her name for fear of action. Some people pointed out that despite being found infected with COVID-19, the cause of death has been mentioned in the death certificate as pneumonia. One of the three employees of the shops in the premises of the cremation ground estimated that around 150 people are being cremated daily.

China battling the virus on a large scale

Earlier, about a fortnight after China rolled back major restrictions related to COVID-19 following widespread protests, the country is grappling with a massive wave of coronavirus. A Chinese diplomat has blamed foreign forces for the anti-government protests. Videos circulating on Chinese social media showed clinics in Beijing and some other cities overcrowded with patients queuing up to sidewalks. People are waiting for their turn in the bitter cold.

The video also shows several people waiting for their turn in their cars and in the parking lot outside the clinic. People with high fever are waiting outside the clinic. The number of patients infected with Omicron is increasing rapidly in most of the apartment blocks. No one is able to escape from the grip of this virus. Whether they are Chinese Foreign Ministry officials, diplomats based in Beijing or journalists.