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Uttar Pradesh / Amroha : Girl sleeping between parents died, husband said wife killed her, and called police

A one and a half year old innocent girl who was sleeping between her parents in Moharka Patti in Gajraula village died due to suffocation. The husband alleges that the wife killed his baby girl by force. After getting information about the case, the police reached the spot and took the body of the innocent girl into custody and started further action. Two policemen have also been deployed to ensure that there is no breach of peace at the spot. After the incident, the family members are in bad condition by crying.

The child was sleeping between the parents

The residents of the village work very hard and take care of the family. Like everyday, he was sleeping with wife Kajal and one and a half month old innocent girl on Friday night as well. It is said that the child was sleeping with the support of the wall. In the early hours of Saturday morning, about four girl children had also cried. Till then he was absolutely fine. Mother Kajal told that when the child cried, the husband asked her to get up and make the child silent. Only after this, he lifted the girl from the wall and put her to sleep between husband and wife. However, when his eyes opened in the morning, the child was lying dead.

Cause of death will be clear after postmortem

The husband alleged that the death of the innocent girl was not due to normal smothering but deliberately. The husband informed the police station accusing her of killing the girl child. Police reached the spot and started further action by taking the dead body into custody. The post-mortem of the dead body has been conducted to find out how the girl died. Only after the post mortem report comes, it will be clear as to what caused the death of the girl child.

Actually, there has been a dispute between husband and wife for the last several days. The wife had also accused her husband and mother-in-law of assaulting her by giving a complaint in the police station three-four days ago. Now after the death of the child, the mother-in-law and the husband are accusing the wife of murder. Please tell that even five years ago, a daughter of the woman had died. The people of the in-laws side say that he died in the same way. But, the mother says that he died due to illness.