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Telangana : Hundreds of people were shopping for fruits and vegetables, then the earth burst from the middle: carts and carts got stuck in the pit

A sensational incident took place in Telangana’s capital Hyderabad on Friday. A road suddenly caved in on Friday in Goshamahal area of the city. Due to the sinking of the road in the congested area, the vehicles parked on it and the bags full of fruits and vegetables got stuck in the pit. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and started the work of getting the vehicles out. Some people were slightly injured in the incident but no one was seriously hurt.

According to the police, the sunken road (Hyderabad Goshamahal Road Collapse) was built over the drain in the Goshamahal area. On Friday afternoon around 2 o’clock there were bags of fruits and vegetables. Many people had reached there from their vehicles to buy things. Suddenly, with a loud noise, the road burst from the middle and the bags laden with fruits and vegetables got buried in the pit. Vehicles parked on the road also fell into the pit. During the accident, many people standing on the road also fell into the pit, who were later pulled out.

Vehicles pulled out with the help of cranes

Inspector Ajay Kumar of Shahinathganj police station told that the incident took place around 2 pm. One person got injured in that, who has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, the rest had minor injuries, who were discharged after first aid. He told that as soon as the information about the incident (Hyderabad Goshamahal Road Collapse) was received, a campaign was started to take out vehicles and carts with the help of cranes. How this incident happened, it is being investigated.

Congress rule caused corruption

BJP MLA from Goshamahal area Raja Singh said that this bridge (Hyderabad Goshamahal Road Collapse) was constructed in the year 2009 during the Congress rule. He alleged that poor iron was used in the construction of this bridge, due to which it could not bear the weight of the people and collapsed in no time. The MLA alleged that this is straight corruption, which should be investigated.

Incident on social media

This incident of road collapse (Hyderabad Goshamahal Road Collapse) was also very popular on social media on Friday. People kept expressing both surprise and displeasure over this incident. One user said that such incidents will continue to happen until the politicians, officers and contractors stop embezzling money. At the same time, an internet user said that the incident was quite scary. Due to the sudden collapse of the road, the way the vehicles got stuck in it, many people could have lost their lives.