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Hospitals are full of dead bodies! Breathing became difficult in China, people dying in agony, many videos surfaced

At present, a new variant of the corona virus is creating a furore in China. All the preparations of the Chinese government remained on the ground. The condition is that the hospitals of China are filled with Corona patients (China New COVID Wave) where patients have to lie on the ground due to non-availability of beds. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is trying to hide the figures, but this is the era of social media where no one can escape. Some videos are becoming increasingly viral on social media, which are exposing China as well as telling about the dangerous form of the epidemic. The seriousness of the current health crisis in China (China New COVID Wave) can be gauged from the video. In the video, patients are sitting on one side and dead bodies are visible on the other side. The condition in China (China New COVID Wave) has become very bad. There are long queues at the cremation grounds. The workers there say that they have not seen such conditions in either the first or the second wave. The cases of death have increased three to four times as compared to earlier. But, the Xi Jinping government is giving figures of 4-5 deaths.

Situation deteriorated in China, patients sitting among dead bodies
In the horrifying video that has come to the fore, some patients sitting on wheelchairs are seen just a few meters away from the dead bodies. A video purportedly recorded by a patient at a hospital in the Chinese capital Beijing on Wednesday showed some patients lying on the floor while staff struggled to control the situation. Such videos are surfacing amidst apprehensions that China is facing a terrible wave of Corona. About two weeks ago, the government had relaxed its zero covid policy, after which the situation has started deteriorating. Due to China’s very low vaccination rate compared to most Western countries, experts have warned that the country could lose more than one million lives from Corona next year.

Chinese hospitals are being filled with corpses
China talks big things about its health system and the Kovid zero policy remained in the ground. All the tricks failed. The video was reportedly recorded on December 21 at the Beijing Chuiyanglu Hospital where both Covid and non-Covid patients are treated. In the footage, a patient wearing a mask is seen sitting on a wheelchair near a corpse wrapped in a white sheet.

Next to it lies another corpse on the bed while another patient lies on a mat spread on the floor of the hospital ward. It can be seen in the video that the hospital is full of dead bodies and stretchers, patients sitting on wheelchairs. Along with this, there is also a long queue of patients outside the hospital who are waiting to be admitted. The situation in China is such that health workers have been asked to work even after being found Covid positive.