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Gujarat / Surat : Suspicion was on wife, husband injected HIV positive blood

A hair-raising case of brutality and cruelty has come to the fore in Surat, Gujarat. Here a husband suspected that his wife’s character was not good and she was having a relationship with another man. Because of this, he made such a conspiracy to kill his wife that no one would even get a clue. But the crime could not be hidden and the accused was arrested. In fact, suspecting the wife’s character, a man injected her with the blood of an HIV positive patient, after which the wife fainted. The relatives admitted the woman to the hospital in an injured condition. On receiving the information, the police reached the hospital and arrested the accused husband on the basis of the woman’s statement. Then during interrogation, it was found that this injection was of the blood of an HIV positive person.

How to mix HIV positive blood?

When the police asked where did the HIV positive blood come from? So the accused told that he had gone to the HIV ward of the civil hospital on the pretext of taking blood. Where he met an HIV-positive patient, he tricked that he would cure his disease after examining the blood sample, and then came home with a blood sample from the patient’s body. On reaching home the next day, he gave an injection of HIV positive blood to his wife. According to the victim, the husband suspected that her relationship was going on with someone else. There used to be frequent fights between the two regarding this matter. At present, the police have arrested the husband and started further legal process.

More than 17 lakh people are victims of AIDS

It is noteworthy that HIV and AIDS patients are increasing every year in India. According to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), more than 17 lakh people have become victims of AIDS in the country in the last 10 years due to unprotected sex. But HIV is not spread only by having unprotected sex. There are many other reasons for this as well. It is also caused by coming in contact with the blood of an infected person and by drinking the milk of an infected mother in children.

What are the symptoms of HIV?

In the beginning of HIV, the patient does not feel much problem. He may have mild cold or cough. Apart from this, the initial symptoms include fatigue, headache, fever, skin rashes, night sweats, swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and groin.