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Truth and Reality

There was a debt of 22 thousand, to escape, the woman got her son to ‘murder’ herself!

Today is the era of social media. Every smallest activity of a human being or we can say from birth to death is known to others only through social media. You must have seen that the first photo of the birth of the child is also posted on social media, while the pictures of the last darshan are also seen there. Resorting to this custom, a woman announced her death on the social networking site Facebook because she could not repay her loan. You have rarely heard such a case before, where someone spread the news of his death with evidence. A woman living in Indonesia declared herself dead on Facebook to avoid a debt of just 22 thousand. He also sent this post along with the photo to his son. Seeing the photo, one can hardly guess that the woman is not dead but alive, this photo was clicked by putting cotton in the nose.

The woman had a debt of 22 thousand
The name of the Indonesian woman is Lisa Devi Pramita, who owes 4.2 million Indonesian rupiah, or 22 thousand rupees ($ 268) in Indian currency. She had already met the deadline to repay this loan, but when she could not repay the loan by the second deadline, she thought of death. The woman took some pictures of herself wearing a shroud and plugging her nose with cotton and asked her son to post them on Facebook. Lisa posted the news of her death in an online group after a woman she had borrowed money from did not pay it back.

Thus the mystery of ‘death’ was revealed
At first the woman did not doubt, but when she got the news of the woman’s funeral near Lisa’s house, she found the matter a bit strange. When he looked closely at the pictures on Facebook, he found everything suspicious. Finally, when he comes face to face with Lisa’s son and interrogates him, he learns that the whole drama is to avoid debt. It is a different matter that even after all this, Lisa’s identity has not been established and the money lent by the woman has also not been recovered.