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Uttarakhand / Almora : 31 eggs laid in 12 hours, the hen became the subject of curiosity, fond of eating peanuts

In Bhikiyasain’s Basot, a hen has surprised everyone. This hen has made a unique record in terms of laying eggs. In fact, Girish Chandra Budhani, a resident of Basot, says that he reared two chickens at the behest of the children. Although hens used to lay only one or two eggs, but on Sunday she laid 31 eggs one after the other. Girish Chandra Budhani told that the hen laid 31 eggs in 12 hours and the hen is currently healthy. Girish Chandra Budhani told that when he returned home till 5 pm on Sunday, December 25, his hen was continuously laying eggs two by two. In this way, till 10 o’clock in the night, she laid 31 eggs. He was shocked to see this.

Apart from this, according to Girish Chandra, his hen is fond of eating peanuts. She eats about 200 grams of peanuts in a day. He buys groundnuts for both his chickens together from Delhi. Apart from groundnut, garlic is included in the everyday diet of the hen. Meanwhile, the Animal Husbandry Department was also surprised to see the viral video and reached Girish’s house. Animal Husbandry Department officials also met Girish and got to know the reality from him.

After the incident, this thing started spreading rapidly in the whole area. During this, a crowd of people has started gathering at his house to see this hen. Please inform that, Basot resident Girish Chandra works for Budhani Tour and Travels. He claims that his hen has laid 31 eggs in a day, which is also going viral on social media.