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Uttarakhand / Roorkee : With whom the husband used to talk about love on Facebook, she turned out to be his wife, the wife lodged a complaint with the police

Tales of friendship and infidelity are common on Facebook. But, now the case of exposing husband’s infidelity through Facebook has come to the fore. That too when childhood friendship, love and then reached the decision of marriage. But, instead of increasing the love between husband and wife, soon after the marriage, because of ‘she’, there was a disturbance in the married life.

Wife talked to husband with fake facebook id

Actually, after suspecting the husband, the wife talked to the husband by posing as an unknown girl with a fake Facebook ID, then the whole secret was revealed. When both husband and wife accused each other of infidelity, the Kotwali police sent this matter of mutual dispute to the women’s helpline. A girl resident of Civil Lines Kotwali area was having a love affair with a young man resident of Roorkee Banda Road for a long time. Earlier both of them had studied together from class five to intermediate. Both of them got married about a year ago. After some time the woman suspected the character of the husband.

Husband accepted the request and both started talking

The woman started gathering information about her husband. The woman came to know that her husband talks to many women. To find out, the woman created a fake Facebook ID of her own. After this she sent a friend request to her husband’s Facebook account. After this the woman came to her maternal home. The husband accepted the request. After this both started talking. To find out the character of the husband, the woman stayed in her maternal home and talked all night. Both of them talked about love throughout the night. In the morning when the woman told her husband about it, there was a dispute. It is alleged that the husband beat her. After this the woman reached Kotwali Civil Lines and complained to the police. The police called the woman’s husband to the police station and inquired, in which the husband told that his wife talks to youths on Facebook.

Police also stunned after seeing husband’s message

On the other hand, when the woman showed the husband’s messages on the fake Facebook ID to the police, the police were also stunned. The woman told the police that she had interacted with the fake Facebook ID as an unknown girl to find out the reality of the husband. Kotwali’s senior sub-inspector Pradeep Tomar told that the wife was suspicious of the husband. That’s why he made a fake ID and talked. At the same time, the husband is also making such allegations against the wife. The matter has been sent to the women’s helpline.