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India makes negative RT-PCR report mandatory for travelers coming from China and these 5 countries

Amid rising threats of corona infection, the Government of India has made negative RT-PCR reports mandatory for passengers coming from China and five other countries from Sunday. For international passengers coming from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, it will be mandatory from next week to fill the ‘Air Suvidha’ form and undergo RT-PCR test 72 hours in advance.

The announcement comes amid a spurt in Covid cases in China and some other countries. Experts believe that the surge is due to a new coronavirus variant BF.7. While issuing an alert, India has asked the states and union territories to be prepared for any situation. The government has made coronavirus testing mandatory for two per cent of passengers arriving on every international flight from Saturday.

After the arrival of 268 new cases of corona virus infection in India in one day, the number of people infected so far in the country has increased to 4,46,77,915, while the number of patients under treatment has increased to 3,552. According to the updated data released by the Union Health Ministry at eight o’clock on Thursday morning, after the death of a patient of infection in Maharashtra, the death toll increased to 5,30,6968. While re-reconciling the figures of death due to infection, Kerala has added one more name to the list of patients who lost their lives due to the global pandemic.

The number of patients under treatment for corona virus infection has increased to 3,552, which is 0.01 percent of the total cases. In the last 24 hours, an increase of 84 was registered in the number of patients under treatment. The national rate of recovery of patients in the country is 98.80 percent.