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Rahul Gandhi roaming around in T-shirt even in winter, this big reason came to the fore

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma on Saturday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will return to power for the third consecutive term after the 2024 general elections. During this, Sharma also took a jibe at former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He said that it does not matter how many candidates are there for the post of Prime Minister in the country. Sharma said Modi is the only prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the country. He said, ‘Narendra Modi will again become the Prime Minister with the blessings of the people.’

‘Not worried about who will win silver or bronze’

When asked about other possible candidates for the post of PM, Sharma said that the candidate can be anyone and there is nothing wrong in that. “I am not concerned about who will get the silver or bronze medal,” he said. Asked about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comments that he considered the RSS and the BJP as his ‘gurus’, Sharma said Said, ‘If Rahul Gandhi feels like this, he should go to the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, bow before the ‘Bharat Mata’ flag and give ‘Gurudakshina’.

‘Not wearing the same clothes is the fashion statement of Rahul Gandhi’

Rahul said on Saturday that he considers the BJP and the RSS as his gurus. He had said that the more the BJP attacks the Congress, the better it would be for the opposition party to understand its ideology. On Rahul not wearing woolen clothes in the winter season, Sharma said that it is a ‘fashion statement’ of his. Sharma said, “There are many people in the country who are still poor because of the Congress rule for a long time. The poor cannot buy blankets or woolen clothes. Rahul has everything but he is not wearing them. This is Rahul’s fashion statement.