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Uttar Pradesh / Basti : Inspector was flirting with his girlfriend in the market, the wife caught red handed and removed the ghost

In Uttar Pradesh’s Basti, a love-tempered inspector (Aashiq Mizaaj Daroga) was caught by his wife along with his lover. After that there was a lot of high voltage drama. In no time, this incident became a topic of discussion in the area. The constable caught with his girlfriend is the father of two children. Inspector’s wife alleges that her husband is having a love affair with another woman for the last six years. Now the sub-inspector’s wife is adamant on registering a case against him. However, the police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. According to the information, the marriage of Aashiq Mizaj Daroga Deepak Sharma took place in Bargadwa village of Basti. After marriage everything was going well. Inspector’s wife alleges that her husband got trapped in the love trap of another woman 6 years ago. He came to know about her love affair two years back. Recently, when her husband came home, he came out on the pretext of feeding laddoos to the daughter. According to the wife, but her husband was suspicious, so she followed him. She caught her husband red-handed with another woman at Rauta intersection.

In the outpost, the wife of the sub-inspector was beaten up

After that there was an uproar. There was a fierce argument between the two. On the information of the ruckus, the local police reached there and brought them to the post. After that high voltage drama started in the police post. There was a series of allegations and counter-allegations from both the sides. Seeing the uproar in the outpost, a crowd gathered outside. During this, the wife also beat the constable in love mood there. Despite this, the girlfriend was not ready to leave her lover. The wife also started looking helpless in front of the girlfriend.

Husband wants to be with his girlfriend

After that the police took the police constable to Kotwali by car. At the same time, the police of the women’s police station took the girlfriend to the women’s police station. After that the matter calmed down. The sub-inspector’s wife says that her sub-inspector husband has kept that woman somewhere in Gorakhpur. She says she was ready to reconcile earlier. But her husband wants to be with his girlfriend. That’s why she also does not want to live with her husband anymore. She wants to file a case against him.