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Madhya Pradesh / Gwalior : Mother was becoming a hindrance in love, daughter killed her, lover also supported

The daughter, along with her lover, killed the mother who was becoming an obstacle in love and removed her from the way. Brutally killed his mother, then wrapped the dead body in a blanket and ran away. As soon as the police came to know, the police reached here, in just 3 hours in the night both the accused were taken into custody by the police. On questioning them, they accepted to commit the murder.

Actually, Mamta Ojha, who lives in the area, was found wrapped in Sambhal in her house. Was soaked in blood. When CSC Maharajpura Ravi Bhadauria reached here. So Poonam, the daughter of the deceased, was found missing. Poonam had run away from home twice, eloped with her lover Sonu Ojha, a resident of Lootpura. That’s why the police first reached Sonu’s house. Here, when asked about Sonu, it was found that Sonu is also missing. Then check the cameras installed around Mamta’s house in the police, in which Poonam was seen going out in a hurry but did not return. From here the suspicion of the police deepened on him. After this his search was started. Police caught both the accused after 3 hours, when they were interrogated, they accepted the murder incident. Mamta’s daughter told that her mother was becoming an obstacle in love, she ran away from home twice and complained to the police. The mother of the one she loved didn’t like him, so she killed him. The police have registered a case of murder against both. Along with this, efforts are being made to recover the knife used in the murder from both the accused.