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Uttarakhand : Guldar’s knock in FRI Dehradun, campus closed for tourists till January 15

Guldar’s fear has arisen in the apex forestry research institute ‘Forest Research Institute’ (FRI). Guldars are visible here from morning-evening to afternoon.

In view of this situation, the FRI administration has closed the institute campus for tourists till January 15. Along with this, morning and evening walks have also been banned here. At the same time, two cages have also been installed in the premises.

Many times Guldar is also seen with cubs
According to FRI Director Dr. Renu Singh, Guldar’s activism has been increasing continuously for the last few days. Earlier, guldar was seen only occasionally during the night, whereas now guldars are visible even in the afternoon. Many times Guldars are also seen with cubs. In this situation the heifers become more aggressive.

Therefore, keeping in mind the safety of tourists and tourists, it has been decided to keep the FRI campus closed for outsiders till January 15. Two cages have been installed in the premises with the help of the Forest Department. After the normalcy of the situation, the condition of admission in FRI will be made normal.

Guldar’s terror was shown in the years 2014 and 2015
The FRI campus is surrounded by dense forests in various directions. Along with this, there is also a big flower forest at some distance from the campus. Due to this there is activity of Guldar in this area.

Similar activism of Guldar was seen in the year 2015 also, when the daughter of a caretaker in the FRI campus was made a morsel by Guldar. Then 10 to 15 Guldars were estimated to be active in the concerned area. Earlier in the year 2014, Guldar had attacked a child in the FRI area.