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Maharashtra / Buldhana: The groom danced a lot and cut Gadar, then what was the angry bride became someone else’s life partner…..!

Wedding day is such a day where everyone dreams of this day. This day becomes even more special if the marriage is done with the right person. Singing and dancing often happens in marriage, in this way people express their happiness. But if your dancing and singing becomes the reason for breaking your marriage, then nothing remains except shaking hands. In such a situation, if your bride goes with someone else..? Actually, this matter is related to village Malakpur Pangra of Buldhana district in Maharashtra. Where the bridegroom brought the wedding procession but it was late according to the auspicious time. Despite this, all the baraatis were dancing with loud music, seeing which even the groom could not resist and he also got out of his car and started dancing with his drunken friends. On the other hand, Baraati was so engrossed in dancing that she was not taking the name of coming inside.

It was 8 in the night from 4 in the evening while dancing. The time for the auspicious time was passing, but no one was taking the name of stopping. Angry bride’s father tried to stop the dance. Because of which the Baraati started fighting with the people of the bride’s side.

Seeing this behavior of the groom’s side, the bride’s side broke the marriage and sent the baratis back without feeding them. To avoid slander, the bride’s side called a panchayat and it was decided that the marriage would be conducted in this mandap. Then what was it that everyone started looking for the groom, in which the bride’s family members liked one of the guests. The boys agreed for the marriage. The special thing is that the bride already knew that person. After which seven rounds were taken with all the rituals of both.

Apart from this, you will be really surprised to know that on the second day the dancing groom also got married after finding a girl. And the special thing was that none of the bridegroom’s baratis even touched alcohol.