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Uttarakhand: Now it is not easy to break the bond, 1 to 2.5 crores will have to be paid for breaking it!

Uttarakhand’s Medical Education and Health Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat said that it will not be easy to break the bond for doctors who have done MBBS, MD and MS with government money. Now after MBBS, if you do not work in remote areas for five years, you will have to deposit one crore rupees and after doing MD-MS, you will have to deposit up to two and a half crore rupees if you do not work for two years.

Fills a bond to provide services in the state for a specified period

In the Government Medical College of Uttarakhand, admission is given to such medical students on a low fee, who fill the bond to serve the state for a stipulated period after passing out. In the past, such cases have come to the fore, in which the bond holder doctors did not comply with the conditions of the bond. Due to this, the government is facing difficulties in meeting the shortage of doctors in the state.

CCTV will be made mandatory along with biometric attendance

Health Minister Dhan Singh said that by 2023 the shortage of surgeons in the state would be over. Along with biometric attendance, CCTV will be made mandatory in all hospitals.