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Uttarakhand : The beginning of 2023 started, the past year was in the name of Dhami, unmatched decisions were taken

So the Dhami government in Uttarakhand Part-02 is continuously establishing new dimensions of progress and the head of the state, Dhakad Dhami, took all such decisions of public interest in 2022, so that people even started saying that if Dhami is there then it is possible Uttarakhand year 2022 Dhami Part- As of 02, the Dhami government got accolades for many decisions. In 2022, the government also took some such decisions on which the opposition also agreed with Dhami and the public appreciated as well as thanked Dhami, but there were some decisions on which the opposition was the attacker, let us know Dhami. Some big decisions of the government, which were discussed in the state as well as in the country and remained in headlines.

Bold decisions taken in Dhami Sarkar Part 2

1-Uniform Civil Code

Uttarakhand is taking a big step towards becoming the first state in the country to implement Uniform Civil Code. As soon as CM Dhami won the election, he first announced the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, fulfilling the promise made during the election and it will be implemented as soon as the draft is ready.

2-Strict conversion law than UP

The Dhami government of Uttarakhand has brought a stricter conversion law than UP. Which is the government’s step towards making stricter laws from other states. “Uttarakhand Religion Freedom (Amendment) Bill” passed by the Vidhansabha has been approved by the Raj Bhavan “Now there is a provision of fine up to Rs.

3-30 percent horizontal reservation for women in jobs

Giving a big gift to half the population, the Dhami government is going to give 30 percent horizontal reservation to women in state government jobs. Which is being considered as a historic step. After passing this bill unanimously in the assembly, it has now been sent to the Raj Bhavan. Women candidates are going to get the legal right of 30 percent horizontal reservation in state government jobs very soon.

4-Starting of 1064 applications for corruption free Uttarakhand

To root out corruption in Uttarakhand, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami launched “Corruption Free Uttarakhand” App – 1064. Let us tell you that any person can complain on 1064 number through the app and by phone. Every complaint will be registered through the app. Whose complete data will be kept safe. The confidentiality of the complainant will be taken care of. This app is in both Hindi and English languages.

5-Job box opened for youth

Fulfilling its promise, the Dhami government took out recruitment for the youth, let us tell you that according to the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, recruitment is going to come out soon for more than 5,700 posts in many departments and the commission has also released the calendar of 32 recruitment examinations to be held. Is . In this, 15 recruitments received from Uttarakhand Subordinate Services Selection Commission UKSSSC have also been included.

6-Uttarakhand became the first state in the country to implement the new education policy

Uttarakhand has become the first state to implement the new education policy in the country. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the National Education Policy-2020 for the academic session 2022-23 in higher education in Uttarakhand. Under the National Education Policy, children are being linked to formal education since 03 years.

7-Increase in old age, widow, disabled pension

The Dhami government has won the hearts of the youth as well as the elderly, widows and disabled people. Under the old age pension scheme in the state, now both husband and wife will get benefits. The government has increased the old age pension, widow pension and pension for the disabled.

Obviously, after the formation of the government in the state, the first year is going to take some big decisions for the state government. So that the message of fulfilling its promises can be given among the public. And the Uttarakhand government has completed it. At present Dhakad Dhami Mission is engaged in 2025. CM’s target is to make Uttarakhand one of the leading states of the country by 2025 by realizing the dreams of PM Modi, whose hard work is going on. Tried to give a message and gave this message that corruption and crime along with corruption and criminals will not be tolerated in the state, even if they are associated with any party organization. Crime and criminals are not well. There were many such decisions and schemes in the state, which can be considered important this year.