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Drunk man urinated on woman in flight, no action taken despite complaint

A surprising case has come to light in a flight coming from New York to Delhi. An elderly woman has alleged that a man traveling with her in business class misbehaved with her. According to the woman, he took off her clothes and did toilet on top of her. She was traveling in an Air India flight. After this the woman alerted the cable crew but they too did not take any action against the passenger. He left comfortably after the flight landed in Delhi.

When Mahala wrote a letter to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekhar complaining about this, Air India started an investigation into the matter. The woman said that her clothes, socks, shoes and bag got wet when the accused urinated. The crew members failed to handle this sensitive matter, he said in the letter. They weren’t taking it seriously. After a long time the crew was advising me. I want to categorically state that despite such an incident, the airline was not at all concerned about my safety.

The incident is of 26 November. Air India flight AI-102 had left from New York’s John F Kennedy Airport at 1 pm. After a while the lights of the aircraft were turned off. The woman said, a passenger came to me. He unzipped his pants and started urinating. He was continuously showing private parts. He stood there even after urinating. He left when the co-travellers protested against him. After he left, the woman immediately told this to the cabin crew. The cabin crew then sprayed their bags and clothes.

After the woman cleaned herself, the crew gave her a set of cloth and disposable slippers. She didn’t want to return to her wet seat so stood in the bathroom for 20 minutes. After this she was given a narrow crew seat where she sat for an hour. After this he was asked to return to his seat. He said that the seat was stinking. Two hours later, he was given another crew seat. Later he came to know that many seats in first class were vacant.

He alleged that the crew members did not care about him at all. After the flight landed, it was said that he would be given a wheelchair. However, this was not done even after waiting for 30 minutes. In the end, he had to carry the luggage himself. It has been said on behalf of Air India that this information has been given to the regulatory authority and the police. The airline is in constant contact with the aggrieved passenger. An Air India official said that the airline has formed an internal committee and recommended the government to put the accused passenger on the no-fly list. Now the government committee has to decide further.

DGCA asked for report

Taking the matter seriously, DGCA has said that we are seeking a report from the airline and will take action against the negligent. A source said that Air India started the investigation only after the woman sent a letter to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran. The aggrieved elderly woman passenger said in her letter that the cabin crew of the aircraft was not active and was not even ready to listen to me. He wrote that I am distressed that the airline made no effort to ensure my safety or comfort during this incident.

Drunk passenger did obscene act

According to the letter, the incident took place on November 26 on Air India flight AI-102, which had departed from New York-JFK airport around 1 pm local time. Soon after lunch and when the lights were turned off, another passenger came to my seat who was completely inebriated. He unzipped his pant and urinated.

Clothes, shoes and bags got wet

The woman told in the letter that when he left, she immediately informed a cabin crew member. He said that my clothes, shoes and bag were completely drenched in urine. The hostess also verified that it smelled of urine. He sanitized my bag and shoes.

Crew members gave pajamas and slippers to the woman

While the female passenger cleaned herself in the airline’s toilet, the crew gave her a set of pajamas and disposable slippers to change into. She stood near the toilet for about 20 minutes as she did not want to return to her dirty seat. She was given the narrow crew seat, where she sat for an hour and was then asked to return to her seat. Even though the staff had covered the top with sheets, still the foul smell of urine was emanating from that area.

Crew member’s negligence

The woman said that two hours later, she was given the seat of another crew member, where she sat for the rest of the flight. He later learned from a fellow passenger that many first class seats were vacant. At the end of the flight, the staff told me that they would get me a wheelchair to ensure that I could clear customs as quickly as possible. However, I was put in a waiting room for a wheelchair, where I waited for 30 minutes, and no one came to pick me up. Eventually I had to clear customs myself and collect the goods myself.