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Scientists got big success, now you will get information about heart attack earlier than before!

For some time, many people are dying continuously due to heart disease. Due to sudden changes in lifestyle, the cases of heart disease are increasing rapidly these days. In present times it has become a serious problem, because not only the elderly, but nowadays the youth are also losing their lives due to heart attack. In such a situation, it remains a matter of concern. It is often believed that most of the cases of heart attack or coronary heart disease are due to our poor lifestyle. But in a recently revealed study, a new revelation has been revealed about it. In a study, it has been found that one gene is responsible for coronary heart disease and heart attack. Actually, scientists have found such a gene in their study, which has been considered responsible for heart attack.

Will medicine be made for heart disease?

Six hundred patients with coronary heart disease and another 150 patients without coronary heart disease were included in this study, published in the journal ‘Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine’. The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Cardiac Research Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York, found that a specific type of gene is responsible for heart attacks. According to Professor Jason Kovacik, the lead researcher of this study, he has achieved three important successes in controlling heart disease through this study. Along with this, he also claimed that after this discovery, new medicine can be made to avoid heart disease.

What does the study say

Under this study, scientists have come to know for the first time that which particular gene is responsible for heart disease. At the same time, they have also come to know from this study that in which part of the body this gene responsible for heart disease is more effective. It is possible that these genes are in the heart arteries, which are responsible for the blockage. Also these genes can also be in the liver, two increase the cholesterol level. Apart from this, they ranked these genes under the third success that scientists got from this study. Through the study, they ranked a total of 162 genes responsible for coronary heart disease in order of priority. According to the researcher Kovacic, some of the top genes identified in this list have never really been studied before in the context of heart attack. . Finding these new important genes is really exciting, but actually a challenge, because no one knows yet how many of those genes cause coronary disease or heart attacks.