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Bike coupon found in the packet of Dhamaka Namkeen, the commission said it will have to be given

The State Consumer Commission has ordered that the bike be given to the buyer of the namkeen after the bike coupon was found in the namkeen packet. Keeping the order of the District Consumer Forum intact, the Commission has rejected the appeal of the Namkeen firm. It is said that the manufacturer first runs such a scheme to sell its product and then makes excuses when the prize is released.

Star Enterprises Sambhal’s firm packs snacks under the name Dhamaka. It also runs a coupon scheme to sell namkeen to the public. On April 21, 2004, Dalchand, a resident of village Bhadraula, Moradabad, had bought packets of this namkeen. 50-50 paise came out in two packets, which was paid immediately. On 24 April 2010, he again bought ten packets. A coupon for Boxer AT motorcycle was found in a packet but the shopkeeper refused to give it. Said that he never sold the goods to the complainant.

The matter went to the District Consumer Forum where the forum stated that the consumer had purchased the packets of namkeen from the opposite shop itself. In one of them the coupon of the bike was found, so the opponent is bound to give the bike to him. Challenging this decision, the Namkeen firm filed an appeal in the State Consumer Commission. Advocate Sandeep Pandey said that the State Consumer Commission has kept the order of the District Consumer Forum intact, rejecting the appeal of the Namkeen firm. It has been said that according to the scheme, it is the responsibility of the organization operating the scheme to pay the prize money or cash.