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Uttar Pradesh / Amroha : The elder brother had brought the wedding procession, the bride’s farewell with the younger one

There was an uproar in the wedding of a young man who arrived in a village under Asmoli police station area with a wedding procession when his wife reached with the child. The woman alleged that her husband was remarrying. Police were informed about this. The police who reached the spot stopped the wedding rituals and the young man was brought to the police station. The young man told that he had come to marry his brother. After this, the young man also got his younger brother married. Although there is a discussion in the village that the marriage ceremony of an already married youth had come, but when the woman arrived, she got her brother married.

On Wednesday, a procession had come from village Bhadaura under Saidangali police station of Amroha to a village in Asmoli. After a grand reception, the wedding rituals began. Meanwhile, a woman arrived with a three-year-old child and started creating ruckus. The woman said that the young man whose procession has come is her husband and they got married five years ago. There is also a three year old child.

The woman informed the UP 112 police. Along with the UP112 police, the police station also reached the spot. The young man whose wedding procession had come. He told the police that he had brought his younger brother’s wedding procession and not his own. Told that he is having a dispute with his wife and the matter is in court but he is not getting married. The bride’s side was also surprised to hear this.

The responsible people of the village held a panchayat and got the marriage done with the younger brother of the young man who had come as the bridegroom. It is also discussed in the village that Nikah was done with an already married young man but the farewell was not done, so the process of divorce was not done. On the other hand, some people say that the wedding procession had come for a married man but the marriage had not taken place. Due to the ruckus of the woman, the married man got married with the younger brother. The uproar in this marriage is a topic of discussion in the surrounding villages.

The woman had informed that her husband was remarrying. On this information, the police had reached the village. After investigation, it was told that the woman’s husband had come to marry his younger brother. And the marriage has also happened with the younger brother of the married youth. Farewell has also taken place.
–Sanjay Singh, in-charge, police station Asmoli