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Maharashtra : Boys are not getting brides for marriage due to unemployment – Sharad Pawar

Country’s veteran leader Sharad Pawar’s anger erupted over unemployment. He lashed out at the BJP governments at the Center and Maharashtra regarding this. NCP chief Pawar said in Pune that unemployment was causing social problems. Marriageable youths are not getting brides due to lack of jobs. Ahead of flagging off the NCP’s ‘Jan Jagar Yatra’ in Pune on Wednesday, Pawar alleged that rifts were being created between communities to divert attention from real issues like price rise and unemployment.

Right of youth to ask for job
Former Union Agriculture Minister Pawar said that today’s youth is educated and has the right to demand a job. He said that industries are moving out of Maharashtra. No encouragement is being given to existing industries and no opportunities are being given to set up new businesses, this is increasing unemployment.

Told the story of a village
NCP leader Pawar said in his speech that once during his yatra he came across 15 to 20 youths in the age group of 25 to 30 at a village square. Asked him what he studied? Some said that they are graduates and some said that they are post graduates. When asked if he was married, everyone said no. When asked the reason for not getting married, the youths said that no one is ready to give them brides as they have no jobs. He said that this problem is being heard more in the rural areas of Maharashtra.

Pawar said that instead of adopting policies to promote employment, efforts were being made to create divisions between communities and religions. Randomly some issues are created to create hatred between two communities. Why are they doing this? Because they have not been able to fulfill the promises they made during the elections.

Government pushing people into inflation
Pawar said the solution to the issue of starvation in the country is possible as farmers have increased production, but those in power are not ready to give fair prices to farmers, instead they are protecting the interests of middlemen and costing common people dearly. are being pushed into the ditch.