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Uttar Pradesh / Kasganj: And the young man lost his life in the affair of the monkey, everyone was surprised to know the matter.

In a heart-wrenching accident on Thursday (January 5) at Kasganj railway station under Uttar Pradesh, a person died of electrocution. The man had climbed on top of the train while chasing a monkey who had run away with a woman’s slipper, when he came under the grip of the OHE line. As soon as the wire was touched, the person kept burning for about 15 minutes. People’s souls trembled after seeing this terrible scene. Before anyone could think about anything, he died.

Seeing the problem of the woman, he boarded the train to pick up slippers

According to the incident, the Kasganj-Farrukhabad Express was standing on platform number two when a monkey ran away with the slippers of a lady passenger. The monkey climbed on top of the coach. Station master Manoj Sharma told that as soon as the people made noise, the monkey ran away leaving the slippers. According to the station master, a youth climbed on top of the coach to retrieve his slippers, but came in contact with an electric wire and died. The station master said that the power supply was switched off and the body was lowered. The people present told the railway officials that the name of the deceased is Ashok.

This heart-wrenching incident took place at around quarter to four in the evening. Train number 05349 Kasganj-Farrukhabad Express leaves Kasganj at 5:30 pm. Meanwhile, the monkey had run away with the slippers of a female passenger sitting on the platform. The monkey boarded the bogie number NE 153410 of the train. People tried to get the slippers by making noise or teasing the monkey, but failed. Meanwhile, the monkey ran away leaving the slippers on the bogie. Seeing the woman passenger getting upset, Ashok (26), son of Nannumal, a resident of Shernath Temple, a young man selling food items at the railway station, climbed on the bogie to pick up slippers.

There was chaos at the station after the accident. The young man started burning as soon as he touched the electric wire. On getting the information, apart from the Station Master, RPF-GRP people reached the spot. After this the electric supply was stopped, but by then the young man was completely burnt. Due to this incident, train number 15037 coming from Kanpur to Kasganj had to be stopped near Baghari Kala station. Due to stoppage of electric supply, this train stood there for about 35 minutes.