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PM Modi’s mother’s ashes immersed in Haridwar Ganga, younger brother Pankaj Modi followed the tradition

On December 30 last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben (PM Narendra Modi mother Heeraben) died during treatment in the hospital. Today PM Modi’s brother Pankaj Modi (PM Modi brother Pankaj Modi) reached Haridwar with the ashes of his mother. Where he immersed the bones in the Ganges while worshiping with complete rituals. At the same time, the news of Pankaj Modi’s arrival in Haridwar was not given to any BJP leader or minister, due to which no frills could be seen at Haridwar Ganga Ghat. No official information was given regarding the ashes of PM Modi’s mother being immersed in the Ganges. On Saturday afternoon, the ashes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben were immersed in the Ganges with complete rituals. During this, special care was taken of confidentiality. Prime Minister’s brother Pankaj Modi returned after bone immersion.

Neither any leader of the BJP nor the police or LIU came to know about the bone immersion programme. The pilgrimage priest who got the bones immersed is also not being told to be local. Pankaj Modi, who reached VIP Ghat at around 12 noon, immersed his mother’s ashes in the Ganges with complete rituals and chanting of mantras. Pankaj Modi returned from Haridwar after bone immersion. The great thing was that during this bone immersion, no frills or VIP movement could be seen at the ghat. Even the local police were not informed about this.