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Coal India Officers Association Central Committee election completed, new innings will be challenging, know who won

The elections for the Coal Mines Officers Association (CMOAI) Apex Election 2022-23 for Coal India officers concluded late on Friday night. For this, Dhanbad (BCCL) occupied important positions. The new responsibility for the Central Committee will be full of thorns. The result of the election of the Coal Mines Officers Association Apex was declared.

He hoisted the flag in the result of the election

According to a letter issued by Chief Election Officer (HOD CMPDI) Charles Jaster, the post of President in CMOI Apex, DN Singh 77 votes, Sarvesh Singh (NCL) 104 votes, Senior Vice President (BCCL) Sanjay Kumar Singh 108 votes, Dakra Sahu ( 111 votes) SK Tiwari (SECL) from Joint Secretary General, Treasurer by 93 votes, AK Rai (ECL) from the post of Joint Treasurer was declared victorious by bringing 91 votes.

The candidates for the election were

It is known that Dinanath Singh from CCL for the post of President from the Association, Sarvesh Singh from NCL for the post of General Secretary, AV Reddy from the post of Vice President, Sanjay Kumar Singh of BCCL from the post of Senior Vice President, D Sahu from the post of Joint General Secretary (MCL ), Vice President BCCL AK Jha, Ajit Kumar Misra (WCL) from the post of Joint General Secretary, Sarad Tiwari (SEC L) from the post of Treasurer, Ajay Kumar Rai (ECL) from the post of Joint Treasurer were made candidates.

Officers expressed anger in the meeting

In the meeting, there was a demand to increase the gap of 42 percent growth in the salary of officers and employees, increase in pension, medical and other facilities. It may be known that there are many discrepancies in the salary of coal officers and employees. Since 1997, the gap of 42 percent growth has been in the salaries of officers and employees. There is a lot of resentment among the coal officials regarding this. This issue is being raised vigorously in various coal companies.

Many new rules will be brought, there will be a new system

Along with increase in the basic salary of coal officers, improvement in planning system for dependent relatives in case of death of officers, rule of dress code will be introduced in Coal India. Along with this, an emergency fund system will be arranged for the officers and their families so that in case of emergency, proper funds can be arranged immediately.

Rising issue of increase in basic salary of officers

Since 1997, there has been an increase in the basic pay of the officers only twice, for which it has been said to pay attention to the revised soon. Coal India management should take seriously the demands including pension hike, provision of health smart card and other demands.