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Uttar Pradesh / Lucknow: Leaving the bride on the honeymoon, the groom hid in the neighbor’s house, the bride kept waiting all night, then the shocking revelation happened

After the marriage in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, something happened that created a stir in the whole house. On the honeymoon, the groom ran away leaving the bride in the room. The bride kept waiting for the groom for a long time, but the groom did not arrive. This information was given to the family members, so they started looking for the groom, but the whereabouts of the groom could not be found anywhere. Actually, the groom had switched off his phone and hid in a neighboring house. When the phone was switched on the next day, the family members came to know about it. When asked the reason for running away on honeymoon, he refused to tell anything. However, when the groom told the friends about the honeymoon, all the friends started laughing.

The case pertains to a village under Azim Nagar police station area. A young man from the village got married a few days ago. Late in the evening the young man had come to his house with the bride. The groom suddenly disappeared from the house on the honeymoon. When the groom did not return home till about 12 o’clock in the night, all the relatives including the bride started worrying. When the relatives called the groom’s number, his phone was found switched off. The whole night the family kept searching for the groom from the village to the relatives.

When the groom’s phone was switched on in the morning, the relatives contacted him. It was learned that the bridegroom was hiding in a house in the neighbourhood. In a hurry, the people of the house reached the groom and asked him the reality. The groom did not tell anything to the relatives. However, he told his friends that I was ashamed, so I could not go home all night. After listening to the groom’s words, his friends started laughing. After much persuasion, the groom went back to his home. The matter has become a topic of discussion in the village.