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Cracks in Shivling of Shankaracharya Madhav Ashram Temple, Joshimath in danger!

The landslide happening in Joshimath of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is now seen taking a formidable form. After the landslide of Maa Bhagwati temple in Joshimath, now cracks have appeared in the Shivling of Shankaracharya Madhav Ashram temple. Big cracks have appeared in the buildings of the complex around the Lakshmi Narayan temple. Brahmachari Mukundanand, in-charge of Jyotirmath, told that cracks have appeared in the entrance of the math, Lakshmi Narayan temple and auditorium. Totkacharya Cave, Tripura Sundari Rajarajeshwari Temple and seat of Shankaracharya of Jyotish Peeth are situated in this complex.

Team of experts also surprised

Seeing the devastation in Joshimath, the team of experts was also surprised. On the first day, the team failed to find out the cause of such collapse of the city and cracks in the walls, doors, floors of dozens of houses and buildings. The pictures of Shankaracharya’s Gaddi Sthal that have surfaced are troubling everyone. Jyotirmath’s Shankaracharya Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati has expressed concern over the landslides happening in Joshimath. He said that Jyotirmath is also coming in its grip. He has demanded the state government to provide quick relief to the families affected by landslides and make proper arrangements for their rehabilitation. He said that for the last one year there are signs of land subsidence. But it was not taken care of in time.

The incident of landslide in Joshimath is very worrying. Historical and mythological cultural city Joshimath is in danger. More than 500 houses have been affected by landslides in a week. Cracks have appeared in the houses. The expert team observed that there was a random seepage of water under the surface from all parts of Joshimath. It doesn’t have an edge.