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Uttar Pradesh / Mahoba: Brother became the enemy of his sister’s marriage! Brother-in-law was thrown from a moving train, both hands were chopped off

In Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba district, a case has come to the fore tearing apart the boundaries of a relationship. The brother-in-law pushed his own brother-in-law from the train and threw him down. Both the hands of the brother-in-law were cut off in this accident. In critical condition, he was referred to Jhansi Medical after first aid from the district hospital, while the accused Sala is absconding from the spot. The whole matter is related to Baripura village of Kotwali area of Mahoba city. It is said that Bhaiyalal, a resident of Teharka village in Mauranipur district, had reached his in-laws’ village Mahoba’s village Baripura to pick up his wife, but the son-in-law who arrived at his in-laws’ house was far from being welcomed, but his brother-in-law Moti accused him of theft. gave.

The limit was reached when the brother-in-law also called the police to arrest the brother-in-law. The police who reached the spot kept him sitting in the police station for several hours and later he was released on mutual agreement, but even then the dispute between brother-in-law and brother-in-law did not end. It is alleged that the accused brother-in-law Moti did not even send his sister along with his brother-in-law.

He himself threatened to betray his brother-in-law and threatened to kill him if he came back to his in-laws house. Not only this, the brother-in-law himself took his brother-in-law with him and sat in the train saying that he would leave the house. While going in the Intercity Express train, there was an argument between brother-in-law and brother-in-law. Meanwhile, the brother-in-law pushed the brother-in-law from the train near Kulpahar.

Brother-in-law’s both hands were cut off as soon as he fell in the railway track. As soon as the information about the youth’s fall in the railway track, the RPF police reached the spot and the blood-soaked Bhaiyalal was taken to the district hospital, where the doctors, seeing his condition as critical, referred him to Jhansi Medical after first aid.

Tried to kill brother-in-law to destroy the demand of his own sister. Brother-in-law’s only fault was that he had gone to pick up his wife and when there was a dispute, his own brother-in-law humiliated him and threw him from a moving train to kill him. Still the condition of injured brother-in-law Bhaiyalal remains critical.