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Uttar Pradesh / Baghpat : Murder of relations for marriage, Son killed the mother who was becoming a hindrance in love marriage

Mother’s status is considered to be at the top, mother keeps the child in her womb for nine months, gives birth to him, teaches him to walk by holding his finger, gives him good manners. But in Baghpat’s Barot, a son was so annoyed by something about his mother that he killed his own mother, the mother who brought him into this world, who taught him to walk. The son had absconded after killing the mother. On the other hand, the police, who reached the information of the case, caught the accused youth and are busy in questioning. At present, the body has been sent for postmortem.

Son absconded after killing his mother
Let me tell you that this story, which tarnishes relationships and kills mother’s affection, is from Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Advocate Jitendra Solanki’s family lives in the Housing Development Colony of Barot Kotwali area of Baghpat. Everything was going well in the family, but there was a sensation on Thursday morning when Rajat, the lawyer’s son, killed his wife Munesh (about 49 years old). The accused son, after killing his mother, fled from the spot. As soon as the lawyer came to know about this, the ground slipped under his feet. In a hurry, before he could go to the hospital with his wife, his wife died.

Mother was becoming an obstacle in love marriage, son removed her from the way
It has been told that the lawyer’s son Rajat was having an affair with a girl, he wanted to marry her but the mother was not ready to get him married to a girl from another community. That’s why the son killed his mother on the way. There is mourning in the house after this incident. The relatives are in bad condition by crying. On the other hand, Baraut Kotwali Police Inspector and CO Baraut May Force reached the spot as soon as the information of the murder was received. The team of Forensic Department has also been called on the spot. The incident was investigated and enquired. The accused youth Rajat has also been caught by the police and he is being interrogated.