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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : After the dispute, the wife left after getting angry, returned home after 28 days and found her husband’s skeleton

A shocking case has come to light from the district. Here in Aminabad village of Bilhaur block, a troubled youth committed suicide at home after his wife and children left home. The surprising thing is that the dead body of the young man remained in the house for 28 days. When the wife returned home on Wednesday, she was shocked to see her husband’s dead body in the house. The dead body of the young man had turned into a skeleton. The police reached the information and sent the body for postmortem.

Sudama Sharma, a resident of Aminabad village under Araul police station area, lives with his wife Kirti Sharma and two children. After partition, he had built his house at a little distance from the village. Keerti, the wife of the deceased Sudama, told that after the dispute on December 18, she had gone to her sister-in-law’s house with the children. The wife told that till December 21 she kept talking to her husband on his mobile. After that we could not talk. The wife told that when she returned home on Wednesday, it was locked from outside. After that, when I looked inside the house, the dead body of the husband was lying. Which had turned into a skeleton. The wife expressed apprehension that on December 21 itself, the husband locked the house from outside and somehow reached inside and committed suicide. The wife told that due to the house being away from the village, no one even got a clue about it.

In this regard, SO Araul Arun Kumar told that the body looks 25 to 30 days old. The police have taken the dead body into custody and sent it for postmortem and are investigating the matter. He told that the police is probing the matter from every angle. No complaint letter has been received from the relatives for any action. Police will take action on the basis of the complaint of family members.