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Uttar Pradesh / Ballia: Amazing story of strange love! Girl going from UP to Gujarat on bicycle to meet Facebook friend, caught by police

In Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, a 24-year-old girl was so infatuated with love that she left everything and left home to go to Gujarat on a bicycle to meet her lover. The girl had befriended this young man on Facebook, after which she left the house to marry him, but in the meantime her phone’s battery got discharged and she sought help from some local businessmen. She told that she is going to Prayagraj to take the exam, but the traders suspected her and searched her bag, in which they found the bride’s dress and some jewelry.

The traders immediately informed the local police about the girl, after which the police contacted her parents and called them. Her parents who reached the spot claimed that she was mentally unstable. After which the police handed over the woman to her family.

The girl left for Gujarat by bicycle

Station Officer Bansdih Road Raj Kapoor Singh said, when the police started questioning the girl, she initially tried to mislead them by saying that she was going to Prayagraj to appear for an exam, but when the police asked her When the interrogation continued, she confessed that she had left home to go to Surat to meet her lover.

The girl told that she had come in contact with a youth from Surat through the social media platform. After a long round of conversation, he expressed his desire to meet him, but the Surat man expressed his inability to come to Ballia due to his work commitments. After which the woman decided to go to Surat on January 17 on her bicycle with a bag containing the bride’s dress besides some other belongings. His parents said that they were searching for him since morning. The police handed over the woman to her parents.