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Uttar Pradesh / Hathras: One is theft of electricity, on top of that there is theft of electricity. Investigation team assaulted, case filed

On Thursday morning, revenue recovery and investigation under the Stop Electricity Theft campaign reached Karil village of Hathras. The electricity department team had to face opposition from the villagers. The electrical workers allege that the villagers assaulted the team. In this case, the electricity officials have filed a case in Mursan Kotwali.

Subdivision Officer (SDO) Gopal Chaturvedi says that he along with JE Mukesh Kumar Gautam and contract workers Rajendra Singh, Sonveer Dixit, Bunty Singh, Vinod Kumar, Mohit Kumar, Rajkumar, Devendra of Khutipuri Electricity Substation, revenue recovery and stop electricity theft campaign For the village Karil went to Mursan. It is alleged that Yogendra, Prithvi Singh, Karua, Pawan, Kalua, Gulendra, Amit, Hodal Singh, Jugendra, Vijay, Dharampal, Raju and other 20-25 unknown people came together in front of Mukesh’s house during the checking and attacked the electrical team. Surrounded and started abusing.

On protesting, these people thrashed with sticks and rods. It is alleged that government documents have been snatched and torn by these people. The SDO says that the villagers have said that if they come to the village again, they will be killed. Medical examination of the employees injured in the fight has been done by the police. A case has been registered against the 12 named and others who assaulted the team.