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TMC leader Derek O’Brien was furious when a tweet criticizing PM Modi was deleted

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Derek O’Brien has alleged that his tweet revealing the real face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been deleted. According to the TMC leader, his tweet was about a BBC documentary, which exposes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attitude towards minorities. According to the information, Twitter India has taken such a step on Brian’s tweet after receiving a complaint from the government. This action has been taken on Brian’s tweet only within the perimeter of India, there is no restriction on his tweet in other places outside the country.

A screenshot of an e-mail received from the microblogging site Twitter has also been shared by Derek O’Brien in another tweet, which states that the tweet has been removed on the request of the Government of India. Brian’s tweet in the mail has been described as violating the law in India. Brian has termed this move as ‘censorship’.

‘Film reason given for deletion’

On Saturday (January 21) at 11:01 am, TMC leader Brian shared a few screenshots and wrote in capital letters ‘Censorship’ in a tweet that read, “Censorship, Twitter and Twitter India. Deleted my tweet on BBC documentary, it was viewed millions of times. An hour-long BBC documentary exposes how Prime Minister Narendra Modi hates minorities. Here is the mail I received, see the reason given for the film. The opposition will continue to fight the good fight.

Twitter reply

The TMC MP shared a screenshot of a Twitter reply by making a circle and wrote, “This tweet by Derek O’Brien has been blocked in India in response to a legal demand.”

What was it in the tweet, which was deleted

Derek O’Brien has also shared a screenshot of that tweet, which he did two days ago and which has been deleted. In it, Brian wrote, “Available again.” Watch now or download now this chilling, deeply researched BBC documentary (Part One) before it’s pulled from YouTube. Narendra Modi’s hatred for minorities, the eccentric (sick) ‘Gujarat model’ of two decades ago.

How are users sympathizing with Brian?

Various comments are coming on this tweet of Derek O’Brien. One user wrote, “Sir, don’t worry, we have the link.” While one user criticized, he wrote, “You do not trust the decision given by the Supreme Court of India and on India, The document film of the TV news channel of the country, which oppressed the Indians who ruled for more than 100 years, is trusted. be ashamed of.”