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Uttar Pradesh : Even the doctor was surprised to see the mysterious disease! 8 members of the same family admitted to the hospital and one lost his life

In Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur (shahjahanpur), a family is creating fear in the village due to a mysterious disease, on the other hand, there is a stir in the health department as well. The skin color of all the people of the same family is turning black and the fingers are becoming crooked. The family is in shock after the death of a teenage girl in the family due to this mysterious disease. The Health Department has admitted 8 members to the hospital when everyone’s body is loose. On the other hand, knowledgeable doctors say that due to neurological disease, it is being examined by experts. After this, everyone’s treatment will be possible.

The family of Badagaon of Mamla police station Puwayan is suffering from a serious illness. Due to this disease, the color of the skin of all the members of the family is turning black and the whole body is becoming loose by making the fingers free. On the night of January 16, the girl suffering from the disease has also died. At the same time, the condition of a young man is serious. The family members are scared about the disease. Everyone has taken treatment from many doctors, yet no one is getting any benefit.

50-year-old Siyaram and his family members of Badagaon work hard. Six months back Shripal felt itching all over his body. After this the color of the skin started turning black. Shripal first got the treatment done in the village itself. When there was no benefit, treatment was started from a private doctor of Shahjahanpur, but the blackness kept on increasing. Due to the infection of the disease, all 8 people of the family became ill, while a teenager died.

However, the team of doctors reached the village and inquired about the condition of the disease from the family members. The doctors have not reached any conclusion yet. In such a situation, the health department has admitted all the sick people to the hospital of the Medical College, where neurological disease is being detected by the experts of the department. Only after getting the discovery of this disease, these people can be treated properly.