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Bihar / Jamui: This is not a film story, the wife was living the life of widows, after 23 years the ‘dead husband’ turned out to be alive, returned home

Some stories are so filmy that it becomes difficult to believe them. The scene of separation from loved ones and meeting after years is common in films, but if this is seen in real life, then what would you call it? The case pertains to Bhachiyar ward number 25 (Husband returned to Jamui after 23 years) of Municipal Council area of Jamui.

Raghunandan of Jamui returned home after years

In fact, after 23 years, Raghunandan Thathera alias Doman Thathera, a resident of Bhachiyar ward number 25 of Municipal Council area, has returned to his home. The wife thought that her husband had died, so she was leading a widow’s life for years by extinguishing her heart. She has brought up her 7 children alone.

Wife was living the life of a widow for 23 years

Raghunandan’s wife Gauri Devi told that on Thursday someone from the village caught sight of Raghunandan and brought him home. Raghunandan’s return remains a topic of discussion in the entire village. After all, where did Raghunandan spend 23 years, why did he run away from home, everyone wants answers to many such questions.

“We thought it was over. Very happy to be back. Someone on the bridge recognized it after seeing it. Now I will apply vermilion.

Gauri Devi, wife of Raghunandan

Nepal had fled due to losing in gambling

After losing in gambling, Raghunandan reached Nepal leaving his 7 small children and wife at the age of 40 and reached his home Jamui safely late Thursday evening. Raghunandan Thathera alias Doman Thathera used to feed himself and his family by selling utensils. In 1999, he was in debt due to his gambling addiction, after which he fled to Nepal leaving behind his 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Elder son has died

Raghunandan’s eldest son Pramod Kumar has died, he came to know about this after returning home. When Raghunandan left home, his second son Vinod was 16 years old. Now he is 38 and he is also married.

“I was in my late 40s when we left home. Missed home. Was in Nepal. Lost in gambling. Had left the house due to the debt.

– Raghunandan Thathera, Gauri Devi’s husband

Raghunandan has 7 children

While the third son Subodh was 10 years old and now he is 33 years old. Subodh has a son and a daughter. The name of the fourth son is Nepali, age 26 years. Whereas the elder daughter Sarita was 22 years old, now she is 45 years old. Second daughter Kiran’s age was 18, now she is 41 years. While the age of the third daughter was 5 years, now it is 28 years.

Full of emotion watching the whole family

Raghunandan had already married his two daughters Sarita and Kiran. The marriage of the third daughter was done by his wife and four sons together. Raghunandan has 4 sons, 3 daughters, 7 grandsons, 2 granddaughters, 6 grandsons, 4 granddaughters while one great grandson has also been born.

Happiness in the family

At the same time, the whole family looked very happy with his arrival. Vinod, who was away from his father for 23 years, said that he could not believe that his father had returned safely today. Whereas a few days ago there was talk with Pandit ji that the program of his Shradh should be done. But just before that his father returned. It can only be considered as the blessings of God and the result of good deeds.