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Rs 1500 raised business of 2 crores, CM honored with ‘Gorakhpur Ratna’ honor

A graduate woman of the city took 1500 rupees in her wallet and came out on a bicycle 10 years ago to stand on her own feet and make a difference. After this, she became known and recognized as a successful entrepreneur in the current era. Today he has a business of turnover of about Rs. 2 crores. Along with this, he has also made hundreds of women self-reliant by connecting them with employment. The name of this female entrepreneur is Sangeeta Pandey. Who was honored by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath with Gorakhpur Ratna in Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2023.

While talking to Entrepreneur, Sangeeta Pandey told that when she used to leave the house, there were many types of restrictions. He also chose a business that started with making a box of sweets. For this, she used to visit and contact various shops in the city by bicycle. Used to request orders from them. Then even the shopkeepers did not want to give their orders to them. He used to say that you are a woman and ride a bicycle, it is very difficult to do this work. If you are not able to deliver on time, your business will also be destroyed and our business will also be affected.

Sangeeta Pandey says that she gave confidence to the businessmen and was able to take the first small order and reach home. After continuous 8 hours of hard work, he completed his first order and delivered it on time. During this, his child was also in his lap. Because of the child, she was out of some private jobs. Sangeeta says that’s why she had decided that while living inside the threshold of the house, taking care of the children, family, chulha chowka, she would do such work, in which name fame and money would also come and she would be able to connect some more women as well. In this episode, the whole Purvanchal is proud of the place at which he is today.

Sangeeta says that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has encouraged her by honoring her. He inspires to take this responsibility further. She is personally engaged in advancing women. But the women who are associated with them deliver the raw material to their homes and take the finished goods from them, on time. This is the reason why not only Gorakhpuri, they get orders from every big sweet shop in 14 to 15 districts of Purvanchal. Now she is preparing such products of cakes, dry fruits, wedding packing, bags, gift packs that people used to go to Delhi and Punjab to buy. In today’s era, it is an example for those women who want to achieve something in life, along with fulfilling the needs of the family. She says that regardless of any “stop and what people say”, the one who moves ahead will achieve the same destination. Then people will say “Wah-Wah” about him.

Sangeeta is a graduate from Gorakhpur University. His age is around 40 years. Father was a Subedar in her army and husband is a soldier of UP Police. they have three children. Till 10:00 in the morning, she takes care of the family’s responsibility. Then when she comes to her workplace, she fulfills her remaining responsibilities one by one along with her female colleague. She does not forget those days when she used to cycle for about 50-50 kilometers to take orders and make deliveries. Sangeeta says that any woman who is impressed by her work and wants to learn something is welcome at her factory. She will give her training so that she can start small at her home.