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Karnataka / Bengaluru: The woman made a dirty gesture after hitting, then dragged the young man 1 KM from the car

An incident of a heart-wrenching accident has come to light in Bengaluru. Here, on a minor issue, a woman in a car dragged a man on the bonnet of the car for about one kilometer. It is being told that there was a collision in both the cars. There was an argument between the two on this. During this, the woman made an obscene gesture.

Woman made obscene gesture

The incident is of Gyan Bharti Nagar area. Tata Nexon and Maruti Swift car collided here. The Nexon car was being driven by a woman named Shweta. Whereas, a person named Darshan was driving the Swift car. Shweta and Darshan had an argument after their vehicles collided. It is alleged that during this time Shweta made an obscene gesture by showing the middle finger to Darshan.

Dragged about a kilometer on the bonnet

Objecting to this, Darshan stopped the woman’s car and went to talk to her. The angry woman tried to run the car over him. While saving himself, Darshan came on the bonnet of his car. During this, the woman dragged him on the bonnet of her car for about one kilometre.

Woman did not get out of the car

Regarding this accident, DCP Traffic West says that two cars collided. In this, the woman hit Darshan’s car. He asked the woman to stop, but the woman did not get out of her car. She kept driving and made obscene gestures. On this Darshan followed him.

During this, he dragged Darshan for a long distance on the bonnet of the car. After this the car stopped. During this, Darshan and his associates vandalized the car. Complaints are being filed from both sides.