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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Two wives have divided the husband, three days a week will be with the first and three days with the second, one day will be his wish

After marrying two wives in Moradabad, there was a dispute in the family. A wife complained to the police for keeping her husband with her. The matter was sent to Nari Utthan Kendra for counselling. After counselling, the husband and both the wives shared three days each of the week to stay with the husband. The first three days from Monday to Wednesday will be with the first wife and the second three days from Thursday to Saturday will be with the second wife. While one day the husband can live with someone of his own free will. The settlement was finalized after the presence of the family at the Nari Utthan Kendra in Moradabad. After which the dispute ended.

The woman had complained two months ago

The woman, a resident of Thakurdwara in Moradabad, had complained before SSP Hemraj Meena two months back. The woman told that in the year 2017, she had married Salim, a resident of Kila Colony, Jewar Police Station area of Gautam Buddha Nagar. But the husband did not take her to her in-laws house after marriage. In the city itself, he took her and lived at a rented accommodation. When the woman insisted on going to her in-laws house, the husband refused to take her. And after a few days the husband suddenly disappeared. The troubled woman reached her in-laws house in search of her husband. On going there, she came to know that the husband is already married and has three children. After knowing about the matter, the second wife got enraged. After which he complained by appearing in the SSP office.

Counseling done at Nari Utthan Kendra after complaint

Taking cognizance of the complaint letter of the woman, both the parties were sent to Nari Utthan Kendra for counselling. Counselor MP Singh of Nari Utthan Kendra called both wife and husband and had a conversation. During this, it was learned that the second wife was aware of the husband’s first marriage. In the year 2017, both of them became friends during a conversation on an unknown number. The husband himself went to the girl’s house and informed about the marriage. With the consent of the family, the husband had remarried. The husband alleged that he had no dispute with his wife. Has a daughter from second wife. But his in-laws instigate the wife and create a dispute. He said that he was ready to have another wife. For this, he is searching for a rented room in Jewar itself.

Husband will give equal time to both

During counselling, the second wife said that she has no complaints if her husband agrees to keep her with him. But both have to be given equal time. At the same time the first wife also agreed with some conditions. During this, it was decided that both the wives would remain in their in-laws’ house. But the husband will stay with both of them for three days each. Whereas one day he will be of his own free will. A settlement was reached after paying equal expenses to both the wives and fixing the condition of maintenance.

Meeting in marriage after talking on the phone

Salim, who works as a painter, told that his first marriage took place in 2013 with a woman resident of Jewar. Both have three children. While the other was met in 2017 while talking on an unknown number. After this he went to a wedding to meet. Both of them met there. Meanwhile, when the family members came to know about this, they complained to the police. After which he went to the house of another girl and talked to her relatives.

Information about first marriage and children was given

During this, he had earlier given information about marriage and children. But the second wife and her relatives had agreed for the second marriage. But later, under the influence of her in-laws, the wife complained about him. But now they have come to an agreement. On coming January 27, he will come to Moradabad and take his wife. For this he has also taken a room on rent. He will keep both the wives in jewellery.