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Bihar / Madhepura: Wife went to her maternal home without being informed, husband cut off the delicate part, and did this work

In the dispute between husband and wife, a strange incident has come to light in Madhepura, Bihar. Angry husband cut off his own private part (genital) after the wife went to her maternal home without informing. The surprising thing is that he also offered his severed private part to Kuldevi. This surprising case is of Rajni village under Murliganj police station area of Madhepura Sadar subdivision. It is said that Krishna Basuki (27), son of Mahendra Basuki, resident of Rajni Naya Nagar Ward No. 7, suddenly got agitated late in the evening when his wife left him without telling him and went to his maternal home. After this he cut off his own private part with a piece of cloth, then he offered his private part at the place of his own Kuldevi.

When the relatives saw the private part soaked in blood at the place of Kuldevi, they got suspicious. Then what was there, in a hurry, the family members were admitted to the Murliganj Community Health Center. Seeing the serious situation there, the doctor referred him to Madhepura Jannayak Karpoori Thakur Medical College.

Relatives told that Krishna Basuki lives and works in Mandi, Punjab. That is how he feeds his family. He also has three daughters and one son. It is said that the son was born 3 months ago and he has come to his home from Punjab 2 months ago. The relatives deny any dispute between husband and wife.

In this regard, Dr. Santosh Kumar, posted at Jananayak Karpoori Thakur Medical College, told that the private part of patient Krishna Basuki was cut off, which was stitched by the doctor. Now he is out of danger. However, it is not possible at present to say whether his physical condition will be the same as before or not.