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Uttar Pradesh / Farrukhabad: The groom could not even count the 2100 rupees of Shagun, the bride refused to marry

A marriage procession came to Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. The marriage ceremony was well received, at the time of Dwarachar it was reported that the bridegroom was illiterate. But the question arose how to confirm it. The bride’s brother handed over 21 notes of 100 rupees to the groom in the name of Shagun, said that just count it, the groom got stuck here. When he could not count the notes, it was the bride’s turn to flare up. He said that this thumb impression boy is her husband, neither baba nor. And the procession had to return. The procession had come from the neighboring district Mainpuri. A lot of preparations were done to welcome the procession. The parents of the bride did not want to have any shortage in the reception of the procession and the hospitality of the guests. On the same side, someone from the groom’s village told the bride’s brother that ‘Let the illiterate too have a wedding procession’. When the bride’s brother heard this, he told it in his family. In this time the method of Dwarachar had been done. It was decided that the next ceremony would be held after the examination of the groom. Someone told the trick that the groom should get the notes counted. Everyone liked the trick and immediately the bride’s brother took out a bundle of notes from his pocket and handed it over to the groom and asked him to count. This is where the groom got stuck.

Bride refused to marry

Here, as soon as the bride came to know that her future husband was illiterate and could not even count Rs 2100, she got furious. She immediately came out of her room and said in front of everyone that she cannot marry an illiterate boy. Seeing this form of the girl, there was a stir. At first only his family members pacified him, but when the news reached the public, there was a stir there too.

Allegations of assault on wedding guests

On this issue, there was an argument between the bride and groom’s side till late night. It is alleged that in the meanwhile the bride’s side took the people of the groom’s side hostage and assaulted them. On getting the information, the police reached the spot and explained to both the parties. Even then no decision was taken, then the police reached Kotwali with both the parties. Where the groom had to return without marriage after the panchayat of the transaction.