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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : The pond was of milk, I was busy with work, two and a half year old girl’s water took her life

A heart-wrenching incident took place in Rawatpur on Saturday evening when a two-and-a-half-year-old child drowned by falling headlong into a 20-litre can filled with water kept there while going up the stairs to the second floor. After taking the innocent out of the water, the relatives took him to a nearby private hospital. But by then the innocent had died.

Lakshmi went on to live while playing

Kakadev P Block resident Jitendra Jaiswal works in a company based in Vadodara, Gujarat. Here his wife Jyoti lives with the family along with their two and a half year old daughter Lakshmi. On Saturday evening, mother Jyoti was downstairs in her room, while innocent Lakshmi was playing near the gate with a bottle of milk in her hand. During this, while going to her elder mother on the second floor, Lakshmi Jina drowned on her head in a box full of water kept there. When the voice of the innocent was not heard, the mother Jyoti came out of the room and started screaming in despair seeing the daughter drowned in the box. After taking the innocent out of the water, the relatives took him to a nearby private hospital, where the doctor declared him brought dead. Rawatpur police station in-charge Sanjay Shukla told that the accident happened while the innocent was going to live. Legal action will be taken on receipt of Tahrir.

Suspected of an accident while picking up a bottle that fell in the water

A box full of water was placed on the first slab of the living room. The innocent must have climbed the first step with a bottle of milk in his hand, then even after leaving the bottle in his hand, it fell into a box full of water. Lakshmi bent down to take it out and went headlong into the same box. Due to which the sound of his crying could not come out and he died. It is being suspected that the accident might have happened while taking out the bottle from the water.