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Give Your Face To Robot And Get Rs 1.5 Crore! filling application online

It may seem a bit strange to give your face to a robot, but in the coming times, this imaginary thing is going to become a reality. Promobot, a robotics company, is looking for a human face for its next humanoid robot that looks kind and attracts people. This face will be given to humanoid robots which can be seen in hotels, shopping centers and airports from the year 2023. This is a part of a project for which the company is also ready to pay a hefty amount. Promobot is a robot manufacturer headquartered in New York that creates human-like robots.

How much is the company paying

The Philadelphia-based robot maker will register human faces and use them to generate the face of the humanoid robot. The company will pay $200,000, roughly Rs 1.5 crore, to interested individuals who register their faces for use by the humanoid robot. Promobot Company is designing and developing robots as assistants for shopping malls, hotels and other crowded places. This thing may seem scary to some people, but the aim of the company is to give people a humanoid robot with a familiar face that can help them in such public places. Let us tell you that at present the company’s robots are being used in 43 countries.

Promobot face registration

Let us tell you that this company is looking for such faces, which are kind and friendly to see, people should not be afraid to go near them, but people should get such a feeling as they see people in the common world, and this is the reason. Since then the company is constantly trying to find such a face. Usually, human gestures cannot be created on the faces of all the robots being used worldwide, in such a situation, to keep similarities to a large extent, the company wants to use the face of a real person and in return, the company gets millions of rupees. Also ready to spend.