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Uttar Pradesh / Sambhal: Troubled by his wife’s quarrels, he converted, even the police were surprised to hear the words of the young man!

In UP’s Sambhal district, a man converted his religion after a dispute with his wife. A young man named Mukesh has now become Abdul Hussain. After converting from Hindu to Muslim, when the police explained, he became ready to fight with the police. After which the police has challaned the young man in fear of breach of peace.

This whole matter of religious conversion is related to Isapur Sunwari village of Nakhasa police station, where Mukesh gave an application to the Sambhal SDM on December 12 to leave Hinduism and become a Muslim. After this he went to Delhi. A few days ago, he returned to the village and started living in the cowshed and started roaming around after changing his clothes. On the other hand, on the complaint of the wife’s conversion of her husband, the police reached the village for investigation. After investigation, it was found that the young man often used to beat up his wife. After which he was arrested and challaned for breach of peace.

Said- converted religion on his own will

On the other hand, the young man who changed from Mukesh to Abdul Hussain accused his wife of misconduct. He says that he was worried about the dispute with his wife. He has converted to religion of his own free will. He told that he got his religion changed after going to Bareilly and became Abdullah Hussain. No one has put pressure on him.