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New law is going to come for shoes in India, know which rules will change from July?

Now a new law is going to come in the country for footwear made of leather and non-leather. Under this, the government will try to curb the import of footwear of poor quality. The new rule will come into force from July in which quality standards will be set for leather and non-leather footwear.

What would be the advantage

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that the government is taking this step to stop the import of substandard products and to promote domestic industry. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has to be followed for better quality and more production. Due to this, the consumers also get good quality products. He asked the industry to focus on quality and reduce dependence on imports to get more share in the international market.

Industry troubled by the export of poor quality shoes

The minister said, “The Quality Control System (QCO) for leather and non-leather footwear will come into effect from July 1, 2023. If industry stakeholders provide facts and figures such as price undercutting during imports, the government will take action.” Goyal also said that high quality production and more capacity is the need of the hour in this sector. Expressing concern over the import of low quality and low cost raw material, the minister said that this needs to be tackled.