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7,000 civilians killed in Russia-Ukraine war so far: UN claims – 18,000 casualties, actual figure could be higher

Today the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has completed 11 months. According to the latest United Nations (UN) report, since the beginning of the war till January 3, 2023, there have been 18,483 civilian casualties. Of these, 7,068 people have lost their lives. However, the UN believes that the real figure could be much higher.

Millions of people are at risk of death in Ukraine
The UN has said in its report that millions of people are at risk of death due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Also, the number of civilians who died unofficially could be many times more. This is especially true for Mariupol, Kharkiv, Lisichansk, Popasna and Luhansk, where attacks and casualties are reported daily.

Most deaths due to rocket-missile
According to the report, Ukraine has the highest number of deaths from explosive weapons. These include artillery bombardment, rocket systems, missiles and air strikes. Let us inform that many countries are helping Ukraine through weapons.

On Sunday, Germany has approved to give its Leopard 2 tank to Ukraine through Poland. The German-made Leopard 2 tank is considered one of the world’s most dangerous tanks. It has also been used in Afghanistan and Syria war.

Corruption has become a problem in Ukraine

Along with war, corruption is also troubling the people of Ukraine. For almost a week, President Zelensky has been getting those involved in corruption to sign resignations. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Yacheslav Shapovalov had to resign on Tuesday after being embroiled in a corruption scandal.