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Thousands of Indian IT Professionals yearning for new employment in America, more than two lakh jobs have been done since November

Lakhs of Indian professionals have become jobless after the recent mass layoffs in companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon in the US. Professionals in the information technology sector have been hit the hardest by this unemployment. Indian professionals are struggling to find new employment within the stipulated period of their work visa to remain in the US.

According to ‘The Washington Post’, since November last year, about two lakh employees in the IT sector have been fired. Among these, companies cutting record numbers include big IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. If industry sources are to be believed, 30 to 40 per cent of those laid off are Indian IT professionals, a large number of whom came here on H-1B or L1 visas. Now these people are looking for another option of employment to stay in America.

H-1B visas are for non-immigrants that allow US companies to employ foreign workers with technical expertise. American tech companies employ millions of people each year from countries like India and China. L-1A and L1B visas provide temporary managerial jobs in a specialized field to foreign nationals who seek temporary employment in another company upon separation from one company for any reason.

If you do not get a job in 60 days, you will have to go back home.

After leaving the job, they have to work hard to find new employment within the period of few months they get under foreign working visa, so that they can extend their visa period. The situation is even more dire for those who have come here on H-1B visas, as they will have to find a new job within 60 days or be forced to return to India.