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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut: ‘Sorry, we didn’t succeed…’ Thieves entered the jewelery shop by digging a tunnel, wrote a shocking message

A surprising incident of theft has come to light in Meerut, UP. Here in the film slide, the thieves dug a tunnel about 15 feet long. After that he entered the gold exchange shop. After breaking the CCTV camera there, an attempt was made to cut the safe but failed. After this the thieves wrote a message on the safe. Actually the matter is of Rithani of Partapur police station area of Meerut. There is a bullion shop by the name of Deepak Jewellers. When Deepak reached his shop in the morning, he saw that a tunnel had been dug there. Not only this, an attempt was made to cut open the safe. Along with this, the CCTV installed there has been broken and tape has been wrapped on it. When he inquired about it, he found a message written on the safe. Chori had written sorry on it. After this, Deepak saw that a message was also written on the counter. He informed the police about this incident. After reaching the spot, the police started the investigation.

During this, it was found that the thieves took away the DVR of the CCTV camera with them. It is believed that a tunnel would have been dug from the drain outside the shop. Its length is about 15 feet. Shopkeeper Deepak told that the thieves wrote on the safe, “Chunnu-Munnu tunnel thieves belong to the gang… We were four people, sorry we could not succeed in stealing. We have to earn our name. Some things are not going to be taken. After this, the same thing was written in English on the counter with a red colored marker. He also told that an idol of Lord Krishna was also kept in the shop. The thieves have turned it upside down and the thieves have taken the silver flute in the idol with them. This is the third incident of theft at his place. In this case, Piyush Singh, SP City of Meerut told that a case is being registered on the complaint of the shopkeeper. Three teams have been formed for the disclosure, which are engaged in the investigation.