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Truth and Reality

Uttar Pradesh: The girl was wandering naked in the middle of the night! Ringing the bell of the house of the ex-member, she said- Open the door, otherwise I will trap you.

In the dark night, suddenly a naked woman reaches outside the house of the ex-councillor. The house bell rings. Before the former councilors could open the gate, they saw the woman from inside the house. Seeing the woman naked, his senses flew away. The woman stood at the gate for some time, after which she left. As soon as this matter came to light, the police started investigating. The action of the woman has been captured in the CCTV cameras. The case pertains to Milak’s Mohalla Naseerabad.

In the CCTV footage installed in the houses of the locality, a woman has been captured roaming naked at night. People are surprised to see the footage of a woman walking without clothes in the cold. At the same time, the footage of the naked woman is becoming increasingly viral. Mohalla’s former councilor Seema Devi has informed the Kotwali police about this. He told the police that on Monday night at one o’clock, a naked woman reached his door. The woman rang the bell of the house and asked to open the door. She reached the door. Seeing the woman naked, he did not open the door. The woman continued to pressurize him to open the door, but he did not open the door. After some time the woman left. After some time some people also passed from there on two bikes. Seema Devi told that there is an atmosphere of fear at home. At the same time, the police say that a complaint has been received of a naked woman walking on the road at night. It is being verified. Police patrolling has been increased in the locality.

Threatened to trap the whole family

Former councilor Seema told the police that on the night of January 29, the woman who came naked said to open the door, otherwise she would trap the whole family. Seeing the CCTV footage, the police tried to identify the face of the woman, but the face of the woman could not be recognized in the videos. However, it is being speculated that the woman belongs to a well-to-do family. Milak Police Station President Rajeev Bainsla said that separate police teams of men and women have been formed to investigate the matter. Along with this, night patrolling has been increased. But, till now she has not been caught. People need not fear. This time whenever that girl is seen, inform the police directly.