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10.53 lakh eligible women – 1895 crore needed, when will women get Rs 1500 in Himachal?

The cabinet sub-committee meeting constituted by the Sukhu government to give Rs 1500 per month to women in Himachal Pradesh was held in Shimla on Saturday. After the meeting, the chairman of the sub-committee and cabinet minister Dhani Ram Shandil spoke to the media.

Cabinet Minister Dhani Ram Shandil said that the cabinet sub-committee has studied the economic condition of all women and out of total 22 lakh 40 thousand, 492 women in the state, a total of 10 lakh 53 thousand 21 women are eligible. In giving Rs 1500 to them, the state government will have an additional burden of Rs 1895 crore annually. The cabinet will take the final decision on the report of the cabinet sub-committee. He said that the government will reduce the expenses and increase the means of income. Government, there will be more use of electric vehicles, employment opportunities will be created in the tourism sector

Health Minister Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil said that the vacant posts of doctors in hospitals will be filled soon. Cabinet ministers Anirudh Singh and Chandra Kumar were also present in the meeting chaired by cabinet minister Dhani Ram Shandil.

What else did Minister Shandil say
Minister Dhaniram Shandil said that the budget will be presented before March 31 and applications will be invited in April. It will take about 45 days to receive and scrutinize the applications. Then the beneficiaries will get the money. The amount will be given to women in a phased manner. If there is a woman and two daughters in the BPL family, such cases will be identified and a decision will be taken soon. He said that those who are already getting social security pension, their amount will be reduced to a minimum of 1500.